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Beat Bigger-Spending Competitors

Learn The New Way Lawyers In ALL Practice Areas Are Attracting More Leads Than Their Competitors

Sign 35-45% More New Clients From Your Intake Calls

Double Your Firm’s Profitability With Powerful Intake Scripts & Follow-Up Methods

Learn How To Profit From A.I.

Learn 5 Ways You Can Use Chat GPT and Other A.I. Platforms To Immediately Save Time In Your Law Firm

Get The “4-Step Scaling Formula” For Law Firms

Take Your Firm From $400K to $4.5MM With A Proven Step-By-Step Process


Get 7 Ways To 2X Your Law Firm’s Revenues

Discover 7 Simple Growth Strategies That EACH Could Double Your Firm’s Growth

Attract & Hire Superstar Staff Like Clockwork

Get The Secret To Hiring A-Players For Your Firm WITHOUT Breaking The Bank

Make the Possibility of 2X-ing Your Firm’s Revenues in 12 Months (Or Less) A Reality

Make the possibility of 2X-ing your firm's revenues in 12 months (or less) a reality

Protect Your Law Firm’s Legacy

Build A “Recession-Proof” Marketing & Management System That Increases Profits Every Year On Auto-Pilot

Learn From Real Lawyers Who Are Skyrocketing Their Firms

Who's Kevin o'leary?

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Who's mike morse?

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how i added $2M revenue & 18 staff in 12 months

taught by: Mark reel, esq.

Mark Reel, Esq. is the founder of Reel Father's Rights APC. With a stunning track record of 22X-ing his law firm's revenues, Mark has seen phenomenal growth in only 12 months. He's discovered the power of niching down his firm's practice area to create a "competition-proof" advantage for his law firm's marketing. He’ll show you:

  • ​The step-by-step marketing breakdown of how he added $2.3MM to his firm’s bottom line
  • ​Discover his #1 law firm growth mistakes to AVOID (if you want to quickly scale your law firm)
  • ​His proven secrets for mastering paid ads for Facebook and YouTube to generate 100’s of leads

how i overcame adversity & doubled my revenue

taught by: alice pare, ESQ.

Alice Pare, Esq. is the founding attorney of Pare & Associates Attorneys At Law and focuses on family law and bankruptcy. She's been able to grow her firm by 200% (in just 12 months) through all types of adversity. The incredible part? She did this DESPITE Google shutting down her ad accounts. She’ll be showing you: 

  • ​​Discover how Alice 2X-ed her law firm's revenues (even when Google shut down her ad account)
  • ​Learn the best marketing platforms to use to attract QUALIFIED leads like clockwork
  • ​The #1 mindset tip for managing the stress and volatility of legal marketing

Debunking false beliefs that kill law firm success

taught by: Taweh Anderson, ESQ

Taweh Anderson, Esq. is the owner of TVA Law Office, with a focus in family, business, and immigration law. With an relentless commitment to excellence and growth, Taweh struggled to get leads for his law firm. But once he discovered a proven marketing strategy, his firm has almost DOUBLED its revenues in a little over 6 months. He’ll show you:

  • The marketing strategy which slashes his lead costs from $100 per lead to just $29 per lead (while INCREASING the quality)
  • ​The #1 pivot Taweh made to achieve exponential growth in such a short timeframe
  • ​Which beliefs are the #1 killers of success for lawyers (and how to inspire your team for massive success)

5 lessons law school never taught me

taught by: Nick Passalacqua, ESQ.

Nick Passalacqua, Esq. is the founder of Passalacqua & Associates, LLC with a focus on criminal defense and personal injury. From experiencing the theft of tens of thousands from his practice to a growing during a family crisis, Nick knows exactly how to grow DESPITE setbacks and adversity. He's grown his law firm from a small team of 3 to a team of 10+ and has 2X-ed his revenues in just 12 months. He'll show you:

  • ​The simple delegation strategy to finally stop spot-checking your associates' work while getting better client results 
  • ​Why lawyers must STOP living the "Doctrine of Sacrifice" in order to grow your firm smarter and faster than ever before
  • ​The #1 most important factor to DOUBLE your firm's revenues in 12 months or less (hint: it's NOT your marketing)

charge your value & double your firm's revenue

taught by: Katie Charleston, ESQ.

Katie Charleston, Esq. is the founder of Katie Charleston Law, with a focus on estate planning and business law. After practicing for years, Katie has learned how to scale her firm from high-6-figures to multi-7-figures quickly. She’ll show you:

  • Powerful marketing tips to attract (and pre-qualify!) the highest-profit cases to your firm
  • ​How to easily charge and collect DOUBLE your normal retainer fee (without scaring away leads)
  • ​Her #1 strategy to 2X your firm’s revenues in 12 months WITHOUT losing control of your firm or working 60-70 hour work weeks

how 2020 helped us 5x revenue in 5 months

taught by: David Bruno, ESq. & Bob Bianchi, esq.

David Bruno, Esq. and Bob Bianchi, Esq. are the founding partners of The Bianchi Law Group, with a focus on doing criminal defense cases. As former prosecutors, both David and Bob have an unrelenting commitment to justice which has helped hundreds of their clients get the verdicts they deserve. They’ll be joining us to show you: 

  • How they were able to 5X their law firm’s revenues in just 12 months
  • ​The simple script any lawyer can use to become the go-to expert for your local and national news channels
  • ​The #1 key for getting FAST revenue growth (something most lawyers NEVER think of)

boost revenue & client happiness with flawless intake

taught by: OTIS Landerholm, Esq.

Otis Landerholm, Esq. is the founding attorney of Landerholm Immigration A.P.C. and has grown his firm to 7-figures with the power of his intake system. He’s received a spot on the coveted Rising Stars list of attorneys, something only 2.5% of the attorneys in California receive. He’ll show you:

  • The “risk-free” Method for delegating your intake WITHOUT jeopardizing your reputation or revenue
  • ​Pros & cons to the “non-attorney salesperson vs. attorney intake person” question (and the surprising answer)
  • ​Tips on improving the #1 most important intake number (90% of lawyers overlook this)

build a law firm that leaves a legacy

taught by: mike & brad bascom, esq.

Mike Bascom, Esq. is the founding attorney of Bascom Law PC with a focus in estate planning. His son, Brad Bascom, Esq., is a partner at the firm and the primary. After struggling for decades to grow past $30K in monthly revenue, Mike and Brad discovered a powerful law firm growth framework that’s led to back-to-back $100K months. They’ll show you:

  • The key marketing pivots they made to go from 2-3 clients per to 2-3 new clients PER DAY
  • How they rebuilt their law firm business model to easily handle the new volume of cases
  • ​How they rediscovered their passion for the law after years of feeling “stuck”

how to bill more hours (while working less)

taught by: Joe tunstall, esq.

Joe Tunstall, Esq. is a trial attorney at O'Malley Tunstall PLLC with a focus in personal injury and S.S.D. with experience arguing in front of the Supreme Court, Joe's dedication to his clients has helped him DOUBLE his law firm's revenues in 12 months. He'll show you:

  • Discover the business lessons law school CAN'T teach you to grow your law firm
  • ​Why the best lawyers often make the WORST law firm owners (and how to change this quickly)
  • ​Get a step-by-step breakdown of how Joe 2X-ed his revenues in just 12 months

7 things i learned while building a 7-figure law firm

taught by: kamala sessoms, esq.

Kamala Sessoms, Esq. is the founding attorney of Sessoms Law Group, focusing on immigration and family law. For years, Kamala had worked 60-70 hour work weeks with even more spillover she could do. But she made a simple shift to her law firm’s marketing & business model. And she hit the $1MM mark while taking a 2-week vacation in Morocco in just 6 months. She joins us to show you:

  • The 7 key insights she discovered to reach $1MM in revenue while working LESS
  • ​The most important marketing strategies she uses to get FLOODED with qualified leads
  • ​How she grew her team to keep up with her expanding caseload.

Scale your time by hiring & retaining a-player staff

taught by: bill hauser

Bill Hauser is the CEO of one of the fastest-growing legal marketing companies in the industry. After personally working with over 437 law firm owners, Bill has seen what works for growing law firms. More importantly, he knows what DOESN'T work. He'll be revealing the step-by-step process for how you can scale your firm from $400K to $4.5MM in revenue without losing your mind. You'll learn:

  • ​The "Guaranteed Revenue Growth" formula that shows you exctly how to grow your law firm to multi-7-figure revenues
  • ​The proven management frameworks to 3X your team's productivity and reclaim 10-20 hours/week of freedom
  • ​How to systematically attract & hire the best-of-the-best talent and the "drama-free" way to manage them

double your revenues by creating predictable sources of leads

taught by: andy stickel

For nearly 10 years, Andy Stickel has made it his life mission to help thousands of lawyers transform their lives with simple, innovative law firm growth techniques. A master of social media & video marketing, Andy has pioneered a powerful strategy generating 50+ "ready-to-sign" clients every 7 days for lawyers. You'll learn:

  • ​Why traditional SEO is DEAD (and what to do instead to get FLOODED with phone calls from Google)
  • ​The simple social media ad framework to attract literally 100's of leads to your firm every single month
  • ​The most powerful lead follow-up system to DOUBLE your revenues (without spending another dollar on ads or software)

increase your intake conversions with 3 simple shifts

taught by: ethen ostroff, esq.

Ethen Ostroff, Esq. is the founder of Ethen Ostroff Law. Within his first year of opening his practice, he built a multi-7-figure law firm and brought on 300+ NEW signed cases in January 2023. The secret behind his success? A fully automated intake system and a 15-second video ad. He'll show you:

  • ​How to sign up 100's of cases every single month without ONCE being on the phones yourself
  • ​The simple (yet powerful) social media ad script that attracts 2000+ leads every month
  • ​An easy way to incentivize your intake team so you close 50% more "dead" leads into signed cases

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